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Deliver food and drink, sell gift cards or set up a fundraising page


With socially distancing features such as click and collect, contactless service and deliver to table


Easy for you to set up. Easy for your customer to use--no apps required; there is nothing to download


Safe at table service; customers can book a table online and then order and pay via the app when in your venue.

Learn more


Offer food and drink to your local community - with delivery or click & collect options.Take payment online for complete contactless service.


Set up your menu to sell vouchers or receive contributions from your community to help you thrive during and beyond Covid-19.

Benefits and features

Choose whether you want to offer click and collect or delivery

Create your own menu, offering food or remaining drink stock

Personalise with one of our pre-made templates

Use our social media toolkit to spread the word


How much does it cost?

Getting started and registering is FREE* and you don’t even have to be a Carlsberg customer to use it.

All you’ll be charged is a transaction fee of 3-7% at the payment gateway for using Stripe payment. You’ll also need to think about any third party delivery service charges that you might use if you don't use in-house delivery staff


Donations and gift cards

Regulars also have the chance to show their solidarity and support by making a donation through your page, or purchasing a gift card.

*Transaction fees apply for using Stripe Payment. Fees are charged at 1.4% of transaction + 20p.

Shout about it

Once you’re up and running, you can download customisable social media posts, posters, emails, A-boards and more at to help you spread the word and direct people to your site.

We’re here to help

You can download detailed ‘how-to’ guides on the following topics at

  • Onboarding onto the platform
  • E-commerce and food delivery
  • Social media promotions

or call us on 0800 0854646 (Option 3)


Choosing Love My Local


More and more, customers are ordering online. If you don't already have a website, LoveMyLocal is the easy way to create your website.


LoveMyLocal let's you have a direct relationship with your customers. And, LoveMyLocal let's you sign up with these other companies if you want to.


Yes. As more and more customers order online, it's important for you to be easy to be found online. LoveMyLocal is one more way for you to be found.


LoveMyLocal is created in order to support local restaurants, pubs etc to survive the Corona Crisis. A fundamental element of LoveMyLocal is community spirit. We want to faciliate the survival of YOUR community, so that YOU can return to the local cultural scene that YOU love.

Signing up


Should you need tips, we've got video tutorials to help you along--from completing general business details, setting up menus and offers, registering payment gateway, activating order management system and starting your loyalty program.


Register and use our online forms to easily build up your online menu.


There is no fee; this service is free. You'll just need your business name and address, and your contact details.

Setting up your website


No. You can manage all the operations without any additional applications. All you need is a mobile, tablet or computer.



No. You can manage all the operations without any additional hardware. All you need is a mobile, tablet or computer.


Registration takes a minute or so. Building up your online menu will take a longer depending on the size of your menu.

Costs and fees


We plan to add more features to LoveMyLocal, for power users, such as table bookings and table ordering. Accessing these features will require a monthly payment.


No. It's free to build your website and take orders online.


Nothing. It's free for the basic option that allows you to have a website, take orders online and build a customer loyalty program.

Customer orders


Customers order via your website using their own mobile, tablet or computer.


There are three options. First, you use a Click & Collect option, your customers will pick it up at our place. Second, If you have your own delivery guys, we can also use them to do home delivery. Third, if you are in the UK, you can connect your LoveMyLocal website to Deliveroo, UberEats and Grubhub.


Not from LoveMyLocal. But, you can choose to add fees for your services. You are in control.


You have two choices. The basic option is for you can take their payment over the phone. Another option is to set up a Stripe online payment account.

Taking payment online


Stripe is a leading online payment solution for businesses. Once you create your Stripe account you can connect it to LoveMyLocal.


No. At this time we only support Stripe.


The standard Stripe associated rates are 1.4% + 20p for the UK